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Ursula & Monika

Ursula and the world of wine

Ursula Prügger

Austrian, a lawyer lives since 20 years in Rome. Her homeland is in Graz and South Styria with big enjoyment of the region. She feels european-very thrifted to the italian and austrian culture and tradition. Her roots by now made her get in the italian way of living. Beeing part of the AIS sommeliere masterclass as a wine taster she knows quite a lot about italian and austrian wines as well as authentic local products and culinary. For almost 2 years she was a director of a international buisness in rome. Books, photography, diving are her passion. Travelling through Europe, USA, Asia and Africa made her grow in her live to the best.

Monika, drawn to nature

Monika Schwalm

She grew up in Stein am Rhein Switzerland where she learned to become a gardener and florist. Finished her study is in a degree as a horticulture. After that left for Rome where she took part in a famouse flower shop in the middle of the city. Then headed for 6 month to Puerto Ayora (Galapagos/Equador) where she worked as a diving instructor. She teached in a florist class in Rorschach and today she is a leader in a big institution near Zurich. Kiting, biking, swimming, skiing and diving is what she loves. A big passion in travelling takes her round the world.

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